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                                                             Hollywood Celebrity Center Meet and Greet (Hollywood and Vine Bus Stop) 25 November 2017 at 1pm PST: Special Celebrity Guest:  Mort Nousboumb!!

USPS Mailman to the Stars!  Find out what your Favorite Famous Hollywood Real People gets in their mail!

EXECUTIVE AOUNCMENT FROM ECONCEPTS CEO Jim Ron Eiden and the BOD!  There will be a Double Secrete Executive Board Meeting on 31 Dec 2017 to discuss the changing of EConcepts' corporate status from Unencumbered Offshore Licensing Shadow Endowment Trust to Unencumbered Offshore Licensing Endowment Trust and Religious Cult.  Background packets on this matter can be found at Category 9 Drop Locations (C9DL).
EConcepts is proud to announce the selection of Bill Loaney as our East Coast District Coordinator! Read more?......Bill, who replaced Sal Lammie, will be in charge of all EConcepts operations in the area that covers all the US original 13 States, Washington DC, and West Virginia (outside of the Corporate Office and Control Center).  For the past 3 years Bill has served as the EConcepts North Eastern Regional Superintendent and comes to his current position after much success in that capacity.  Everyone at EConcepts wishes Bill the best of luck with his current duties.  Contact Ben Dover or Stan Dupt at the Control Center for more info.
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